October 26, 2023
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Nasty Snacks w/ Alanna Royale

October 26, 2023

Nasty Snacks w/ Alanna Royale

Dorian’s Presents

Nasty Snacks
w/ Alanna Royale
Live at 9PM

Happy Hours 6-8pm Nightly
No reservations ~ 6pm – 2am

$10 Cover

Formed in 2014, Nasty Snacks is a 9-10 piece “funkestra” consisting of members of the vibrant Chicago music scene. Described by some as “future funk” the genre-bending band blends elements of funk, R&B, and fusion.
Having played at many of the best Chicago venues and supported various nationally
touring acts, the Snacks have proven to showcase a pocket-slamming performance.

Sometimes you have to fall apart in order to the find the most real version of yourself.

On the surface R&B and soul singer Alanna Royale appeared to be brimming with confidence yet the artist behind the internal earthquake “Trouble Is” insists that until this latest LP she felt fragmented. Only after the most unnerving time of her life did Royale finally feel at ease bringing her full artistic self to the table.

With “Trouble Is”, Alanna is marrying her passion for classic 70’s Soul and 90’s R&B to serve up an unrelenting emotional rollercoaster. Under the guise of slow and low summer jams and luxurious string arrangements Royale is slowly unraveling her own experiences with EMDR therapy, addiction, and self-loathing. However, the biggest triumph for Royale is that “Trouble Is” avoids the dreaded genre trap. As someone who has always followed artists that bravely morph from one record to the next, she also aspires for that same level of investment from her audience. She’ll keep boldly turning the wheel and have faith that they will follow along.

The only thing more powerful than a deep dive into this album is seeing it play out live on stage. Laugh out loud funny and fearlessly outspoken, one doesn’t have to wonder if Alanna Royale is in the room and her gospel with surely stir you and follow you all the way home. Whether it’s her arresting vocals, air tight rhythm section, or shiny brass section; Alanna Royale is a can’t miss artist with her feet planted firmly in the sounds of the past and her eyes on the future.